More Giveaways to End the Summer Strong!! August 10, 2016 09:56

Who else just walked into a store this week and see HALLOWEEN set up?!
 Let’s get the most out of summer while we can!
Check out these great giveaways happening now: is hosting a HUGE Giveaway! 
Hello... how awesome is this baby gear giveaway that offers all the leading baby brands (including the Catchie). Its simple to enter just enter your email and your done! Where were these giveaways when we had babies…
Ends 9/1/2016
And the back to school giveaway hosted by Catchie Concepts is happening here on our direct website! 
Do you have a Catchie? Send us a Review! Or do you want one? Tell us why you Love our Catchie!
Ends 9/1/2016

Best of Luck!!! 

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